11 March 2011

I'm Creating a Brand for Indie Retailers

Much to my surprise when I checked out Google Analytics, this blog still gets a good amount of traffic even though THE BLISSFUL's been closed for over a year. This tells me that many of you are still enjoying the archives and maybe even checking from time to time for a new post.

I'd be remiss if I didn't let you in on my latest project . . .

Alongside Abby Kerr Ink, my primary business in which I provide brand editing services to creative entrepreneurs, I'm developing a brand to meet the needs of my boutique industry clients and readers.

You can get in on it now with a free subscription to the Indie Retail Whip, my weekly e-newsletter for indie retailers and others connected to the boutique industry. {Please note that there's a double opt-in to this list to filter out spam bots. This means that once you subscribe, you'll be sent a link in a confirmation email that you'll have to click before you start receiving updates.}

You can also find me on Twitter tweeting retail moxie @IndieRetailWhip.

And yes! There's more to come. Watch your Inbox and Twitter for product announcements and other special features a little later. :)


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