24 August 2008

Way, Way, Way, Way...

way beautiful sunset seen from the beachfront balcony I marooned myself on last week.

And these steps took us all the way down from our condo to said beach, where I definitely logged some sun-filled hours of pleasure reading.

I've been way out of the loop of blogland while we've been working like crazy around the shop for the past month. One week of sand, surf, and sparkling sun was just what I needed before the big dive into fourth quarter retail. This past week away in a warmer climate, my one un-work-related vacation of the year, was therapy for the soul. The beach wasn't overly crowded at this time of year. Lots of young families with kids under school age. That and retirees. All the rest were getting ready for the arrival of that first yellow bus, sharpening pencils, buying new notebooks and school shoes, and all that accompanies a fresh start.

There's something about the promise of autumn in Ohio that never fails to inspire this former teacher. I've got so much to show and tell, including our new looks for Fall Semestre 2008. Please sharpen your pencils and stick around.