03 June 2010

THE BLISSFUL's Last Lettre

Dear Readers --

This is likely to be the last Lettre here on this blog. The reason for that is...the party has moved!

Please join me at my

brand new site for niche-y entrepreneurs

And thank you, so much, for following along with Lettres from THE BLISSFUL over the past four years. Wow. I'm grateful for your friendship and your readership.

Indie retailers, aspiring retailers, biz-minded artists and designers, and creatively entrepreneurial folks of any ilk, my new site is especially for you.




01 June 2010

AbbyKerrInk.com Launching This Thursday

I've always loved Thursdays. Forever, I think it's been my favorite day of the week.

So it's a nice coincidence that I'll be launching my new site, AbbyKerrInk.com, this Thursday, June 3rd.


AbbyKerrInk.com will launch this Thursday, June 3rd!

What the site holds for you:
  • How to design an entrepreneurial niche that aligns with your natural interests, talents and gifts, and the lifestyle you want to create
  • How to nichify your offerings so that your right people can't help but be attracted to you and your biz
  • How to find your right people -- customers and clients, partners and peers
  • How to connect with your right people online, in print, and in person
  • How to market your niche-y enterprise in a way that doesn't feel forced and huckster-ish
Plus advice and support for:
  • Creative entrepreneurs and those who want a self-made career that looks and feels like them
  • Indie retailers, both brick and mortar and online
  • Crafters, artists, and designers who want to sell their work to boutiques
  • Those who value the creative lifestyle
Plus help with:
  • Copywriting for your niche-y enterprise, including SEO {search engine optimized} web copy that'll help your right people find your site
  • Naturally niche-y marketing - vision and strategies
  • Persistently romantic PR - how to's and how to get over yourself
  • Indie retail start-ups and reinventions
If you've been reading this blog for a while, I thank you for following along with my entrepreneurial journey from high school English teacher to French-y lifestyle store owner to freelance writer/niche-y biz coach/blogger.

Now I look forward to following along with yours!

See you in a few days at my new site!