17 March 2008

Our Latest Excursion

I hit our regional Market in Columbus yesterday to see what items we could find there for our Holiday 2008 look. I know, I know. I'm late on the draw. No, really. Many retailers have had their Holiday look signed for, sealed, and all but delivered (that usually begins in June) by the end of January, beginning of February. With the launch of our online boutique consuming the early months of this year, I must admit that I'm still wrapping my head around Holiday '08. We've had a strong vision for months, now I'm nailing down the detail work--textures, trims, exact color tones, and most importantly, what I won't buy, as cute as it may be (a handful of oddball choices can throw off the whole look). As the Romantic Gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe said of literature (and I quote this loosely, or maybe exactly--it's been a while since I've studied OR taught this), you will write no word that does not contribute to the unity of effect.

Photo of Edgar Allan Poe mural courtesy of Flickr.

Poe was all about poetic unity, making every word, every choice, connect back to the central theme or dominant motif, and we think along the same lines when buying a look for an upcoming season.

It's always fascinating to watch trends in the home decor and gift industry evolve from season to season. It's pretty easy to spot said trends when shopping a Mart, mostly because they are reinterpreted over and over again from showroom to showroom. Let's say the new theme or motif is celestial. It isn't. But if it were, you'd walk a whole show and see that celestial theme played out here, there, and everywhere. From suns to moons to stars to angels, you'd see it over and over and over again. Sometimes with a rogue harp or halo thrown in for good measure (somebody getting adventurous). You'd see, essentially, the same ornament done in fifty different ways, with only slight variations in shape, weight, and color. This doesn't mean the look of the moment isn't interesting or well-done or sellable or desirable, it just means that with so much sameness out there in the market for the end customer to choose from, you'd better get your mind around YOUR vision as a shopkeeper and stick to it. And how, as a shopkeeper, will you differentiate your interpretatation from that of the other shops out there?

In a neighborhood of big box retailers and in the midst of so much sameness, we are steadfast in our quest for the "something different" you are always looking for at THE BLISSFUL. Come and see our latest finds for the season, including a new shipment of our coconut fiber French doormats (Mon Petit Palais, or "my little palace," mat featured in photo at top), green boxwood topiaries, printed pillows, iron gates with which to splendor up a room, and garden pots. Get your verdigris crosses for Easter, Velveteen Rabbits, and egg wreaths this week, too.

Off to upload new products into the online boutique.

Oh, and I promise, promise, promise that the next post will unveil the details of our 100th Post Giveaway!


Andrea Singarella said...

Such a well-written post, Abby. It's always a pleasure to read what you have to say about shopkeeping (and everything else for that matter). Meaningful and beautiful always!

Counting Your Blessings said...

It's all coming together in such a gorgeous way! I love it. Just adore your velveteen rabbit. I found a velvetten bird a few weeks ago that I really like. He joined the pin cushion collection (don't tell him that he's not supposed to be useful);) Have a wonderful Wednesday. Blessings... POlly