30 April 2008


Click the graphic at left to read our latest press! How do we feel about both items? Can we say... thrilled?!?!

As a boutique owner, the first "big" magazine coverage is a pretty significant milestone. It's going to be a little unbelievable come August to flip open the glossy pages of Romantic Homes and see our shop featured there.

And as for being named one of HAT's 50 Retail Stars, it feels like such a short time ago that I first discovered Debbie Dusenberry's Curious Sofa in the pages of this same publication...and in the very same feature! (Of course, Debbie's was THE featured shop that year, with huge photos and a detailed interview.) Debbie was one of my early retail mentors-from-afar (as in, she didn't and still doesn't know me). Our shops are very different but I admire her eye and the way she creates her concept anew every season. I remember thinking at the time, maybe in eight years or so we could get a mention like this. And now, two years later...

Thanks to every single one of you who helps us do it. Inspiration does not thrive in a vacuum, and neither does the community around which a shop grows. We are truly blessed.

Article source: Jackson-Belden Chamber of Commerce Communicator, May 2008


Allison M. said...

Good for you. I can't wait to open Lucky and see you in there next.

Murray said...

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations, seems like some much deserved recognition!

Alexa said...

yay yay yay!

congratulations abby!

and of course my mom got me the "a" necklace for easter. sneaky sneaky.

In love with an illusion said...

Abby....I would bet my bottom dollar that Debbie knows perfectly well who you are and is keeping close tabs on your success. Congrats on the wonderful article, you deserve it and so did Debbie for that matter. I think you both are up there on the scale of the hardest working bloggers/ shop owners in "show business".

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

WHOO WHOO AND HOLY COW GIRL! That is awesome! And to think I knew you when!

Congratulations! You deserve every accolade and mention!


Bella Blogger said...

Congratulations. Just stumbled upon your fun blog, then clicked onto your
store site....to die for! I lived in Cleveland for 4 years, and always looked for fun boutiques like yours... NOT to be found in Cleveland. I wish I had known you were close by. Who knows, it looks fabulous enough to come to Canton just for the shop. Great job!

McMaster & Storm said...

Congratulations! We're happy for you and glad to know you as well. Can't wait to see the August issue!
Take care,


What a fun store...congratulations on your fantastic news! Much deserving I am sure. Just goes to show when you work hard enough and love something enough rewards come your way! Judy