29 June 2008

Eagerly Anticipating

This note arrived in my Inbox this morning:


Just a note to say your store is [incredibly flattering and complimentary words]. Just got my August issue of Romantic Homes and the magazine shoot was amazing and I immediately went to your website....congrats on such a fabulous store and at a young age and following your dreams! I hope to possibly buy something from your online store!

A. in Spokane, WA

AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! It's weird to think that there's a glossy magazine out there containing a story about THE BLISSFUL, and that magazine is now in the hands of readers all across America! What's weirder is that I haven't yet seen the article! Two sweet customers came in yesterday and told me they had seen the magazine at a shop across town (the owner must be a subscriber, as I think subscribers are the only ones who have the issue so far; have heard it doesn't hit newsstands for another week or so). Am so eagerly anticipating reading the article and seeing which photos were chosen. I hear that this is common in the magazine world; often times you won't even know which issue your story might be in or that your story ran at all until a customer lets you know she saw it. In this case, we've known for months that we were slated for the August issue, but I hadn't thought about how or when I would get my hands on a copy.

Hit my local Borders this morning to check their shelter mag section just to be sure, but no dice. Still the July issue.

Today I will spend a good chunk of hours in the shop photographing new finds for the Online Boutique. Lots to catch up on before we leave for Market July 9th.

Thanks to each and every person who helped make our national magazine debut a reality. I can truly say that while I have loved magazines my whole life, I never dreamed or fantasized about being featured in the pages of one in any way, shape, or form. Always figured I'd be the one in the byline (as a writer). This turn of events feels a little bit unreal, still. I have a feeling that it will become even more so when I finally am holding the mag in my hands and turn to the first page of our article. I'll keep you posted!


denise @ feather your nest said...

It's a fabulous article and I can't believe you don't subscribe to Romantic Homes?! I got mine yesterday and what a shock to find an article about you in it. I've yet to see your store in person but I bet it will send you oodles of business and great buzz!!

Teresa Sheeley ~ French Poppy said...

How exciting for you Abby! When I did my illustrations for Romantic Home, they sent me a complimentary copy, so hopefully you will get one too! :) Then you go to the store and buy all of them on the shelf! j/k, but hey you know family likes having a copy too. :)





I know, I know, I should have a subscription. I almost always buy my mags on newsstands, while the subscription cards end up in a file folder on my desk that's labeled "Take Action Mon-Wed." It's right there in front of the one labeled "Take Action Thur-Sat." Suffice it to say that the things I *actually* take action on somehow bypass those files. :) Love the mag, of course!


Thanks for the congrats! And belated congrats on the publication of your beautiful illustrations. I do remember seeing those and thinking, WOW! Go, Teresa, go!

I *will* be tempted to go and buy every copy on the local newsstands but I figure if I do that then all of the RH readers in my area who DON'T already know about my shop will miss getting their copy and discovering us!

All the best to you both and thanks for your comments!


Andrea Singarella said...

I got my issue and it looks FABULOUS!! Oh, Abby, you so deserve this feature! I'm very, very happy for you, my frind.

La Vignette said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I'm so excited for you. It would be such a dream to be featured so prominently in a magazine! I was too chicken to start my own shop, so I took over an existing one (just 3 short months ago). Still, it's such a blast. You're an inspiration and your shop is just lovely. Congrats and best of luck for the future!

Gina - La Lavande

dahlias said...

Yay Abby....Yay The Blissful! Hardwork and talent pay off...this is proof!

Talk soon!


metro home style said...

What a wonderful, and well deserved, article! The shop, your displays, the merchandise - - everything looks fantastic!!