22 July 2008

A Tale of Two Trunk Shows

It's July in Ohio, days are long and temps are high, so we thought what better way to indulge our need for a mid-summer escape than to host a Trunk Show at THE BLISSFUL?

Waiting to be unpacked.

On Saturday, July 26th from 10 AM-5 PM, we'll throw our doors open (and then promptly shut them so the air conditioner can do its thing ) to welcome customers in for this special event featuring two of our most talked about lines: Sid Dickens Memory Blocks and Pyrrha Jewelry. If you're a Sid collector or someone who is still curious and wondering what the hype is all about, Saturday is your day to find out, as we'll have nearly the entire Active Collection for sale on premises. And as for Pyrrha, this is a gorgeous and mysterious jewelry line that many of our customers have already fallen in love with at the shop.

Fidelity Ring.

Because the line is so extensive and fairly customizable, we wanted to give everyone a chance to see a terrific array of it in its full glory. Keep in mind that the Holidays aren't too far away! We had our first admitted Christmas shopper already in June, so we know you early birds are out there. If this is the year you'd like to give a truly deserving friend or loved one a memorable, once in a lifetime gift, perhaps you'll find your ticket at the Trunk Show on Saturday.

For those of you who haven't heard the buzz, here's a primer: Sid Dickens is the Vancouver-based artist behind Memory Blocks, handcrafted plaster art tiles that tell a story from history or religion or botanical studies or architecture or mythology. They're designed to hang on a wall but can also be propped on a shelf or displayed on a small art stand. They're highly collectible, addictive, and surprisingly reasonably priced considering how they appreciate in value once the elusive Sid retires them.

Sid Dickens and I at the Atlanta Gift Show in January 2008.

Pyrrha Jewelry, also (coincidentally) crafted in Vancouver, is a line of jewelry made from authentic 19th century wax seals cast in precious metals. Very hip and very now despite its origins in yesteryear, this line has a celebrity following that includes actors Brad Pitt and Halle Berry and songstress Sheryl Crow.

Chariot Necklace.

Silver Initial 'Y' Necklace.

Now on to our exciting announcement: we're actually have TWO trunk shows, one actual and one virtual, as in, online! Yes, that's right, we are holding a virtual live Trunk Show on our Online Boutique the week following our actual Trunk Show in the shop. This is for our blog readers and customers throughout the country who aren't able to make it here for the show this Saturday. Beginning Monday, July 28th, we'll commence our Pyrrha Trunk Show in the Jewelry department of our Online Boutique. Ship times will vary depending on which pieces we're sold out of and need to special order for you (we'll indicate approximate ship time in the description). And we must admit we're giving our online shoppers a bit of an advantage. The online Trunk Show will last a full week, ending Sunday, August 3rd. Oh, and did we mention we're offering free shipping on all Pyrrha pieces?

Now, the wonderfully persnickety powers-that-be at Sid Dickens' studios do not allow retailers to sell the Blocks online. (We like this; it protects us boutiques who have been approved to carry the line.) However, we'll post photos of our Sid-bedecked walls here on the blog after the Trunk Show wraps. Call us for pricing and availability on any Block that you see.

We'd love to see you this Saturday. Light fare and libations will be served, as always there'll be great music, and lots of fun while you browse and try on.


McMaster & Storm said...

Best wishes on your trunk show!
Hope all is well in Canton.

Mo said...

I hope this doesn't sound bad, but I never imagined Sid Dickens to be... so young. Well, whatever age, he is very talented and has great pieces!