04 October 2008

Fall Befalls Us

Somehow I blinked and it's October already. I didn't realize it had been exactly a month since I'd last blogged until a customer pointed it out to me yesterday. This is the time of year when things really start to pick up for retail. For independent retailers like me who wear almost all the hats there are to wear {or juggle all the balls, hold all the irons in the fire--pick your metaphor}, this is the time of year when things get almost impossibly frenetic. Now begins the season when I forgo nearly all social invitations until January. While it's mostly a season of personal hibernation for me and other shop owners, it's a season of tremendous activity in our shops...thanks to you, our customers.

When Fall befalls us, it's a time to embrace our deepest ideals and beliefs and to begin the Holiday celebrations of life, tradition and values. This is the sentiment behind Sid Dickens' Fall 2008 Collection of Memory Blocks, "Tattoo." He describes it as a symbolic collection of tiles connected to memories of life, adventure, and love. Themes emblazoned on the skin of people across the globe [are] permanent reminders of time's passage. Timeless representations of our realities remain: a testament of life.

Behold "Tattoo," a collection devoted to telling those stories, those testaments of life:

This collection initially strikes some people as a little dark, however, remember that each tile stands alone as its own statement. When mixed in with the rest of your collection, it'll provide just a bit of an edge. Love that Ace of Spades playing card!

Below, the three Limited Edition tiles just released for Holiday 2008. These will be produced in Sid's studios until December.

And elsewhere throughout the shop...

Layers and layers of jewelry and accessories.

A menagerie of jewels.

Supplies for your own personal wine bar or the convivial café in your imagination. This is the time of year to invite a few friends over and bring that imagined space to life!

Our new Brasserie tabletop collection.

Every table needs candlelight. These 100% pure beeswax Bistro Cubes are unscented for the table. Sold as a set of four in a vintage modern letterpress gift box.

See you at the shop!


Laurie said...

It was great to meet you today Abby. Your store is wonderful and you are such an inspiration....and... you really get it!

Continued success,
Laurie from Pepperberry's in N.Wilmington PA.

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

I LOVE the gold and silver bird cups - can't wait to come in and check those out in person! My mom is a collector of bird decor items so I may have to put those on her christmas gift list!!!

Alys said...

Ohhhh, how I wish I lived closer! Gorgeous pics & always such a fun read when visiting your blog. xo, Alys

Tracie~MPMaison said...

I love the Brasserie collection. I've had pieces for years and unfortunately one of our cabinet shelves came falling down and we lost many pieces. Now I know where to go to add to my old set - yay!

My Petite Maison said...

Just looked... Hope you'll have the Brasserie Collection listed in the online shop soon.

metro home style said...

Your shop is beautiful, thanks for posting the photos, and I really like the Brasserie collection!

No.35style said...

Love those Brasserie dishes!

Cher said...

Just read your blog and loved it. I nearly came to tears yesterday when I visited your store. I have wanted to breakout of my
JOB and attempt something similar. Your creativity and spirit is amazing! I was quite overwhelmed also when I noticed my name mentioned in your blog! How wonderful! Can't wait to visit Sunday. I've spread the word to many people how beautiful BLISSFUL is!!!!!!!