03 November 2008

About Last Night

Last night's Peace on Earth event was our best Holiday Open House yet. Over the next couple of days, we'll be posting photos of every big sweep and little corner of wonder here on the blog. Thanks to all the great customers who came out to support this shop for the third Christmas debut in a row. Nicole, one of our regulars, came up to the cash wrap to say congratulations and I assumed she meant congrats for pulling off another store event. Instead, she asked, "Isn't this your anniversary?" In all of the hubbub, I had forgotten that we're coming up on our two-year anniversary in this location. On December 1st, 2006, we opened our doors here on Fulton Drive. So one month from now will be our anniversary. This weekend's event marked the anniversary of our opening.

Stay tuned for a photo tour of Peace on Earth. Now if only tomorrow's election could promise us as much. May the ticket of destiny prevail!

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