24 February 2009

Spring: A Play in Three Acts

So much more to show you than I could fit into the last post. So here's another one, a play on Spring, actually, in three acts. By the way, are you all making your way over to local photographer Kirsten Mitson's blog to enter the giveaway for a $50 Gift Card to THE BLISSFUL? If you haven't done so yet, click here. Hurry!--you have until this Friday the 27th to enter.

And now we present...

Act I: A Play on Light and Darkness.

It's in the details: our jade-eyed Brass Bird Box is one of the sweetest things going for Spring.

Our Crystal Initial Tag Necklaces are great for dressing up a tee and jeans.

Fresh French Lavender Bouquets, ripe for the picking.

Don't wait for warmer weather; these make lips taste juicy fresh, anytime of year.

Ethereal nuances.

A time to plant. Well, at least indoors in Ohio.

And ooh! Look! Our basil is sprouting!

Act II: A Play on Perspective

Who can argue with this perspective?

Sneaking up sideways on tiers of Posy Mercury Glass.

Under the table and on top.

Up close, in detail.

Hardware en masse.

Sneaking around corners...

...and coming up sideways and...

...from above.

Act III: A Play on Color

We embrace every hue in the rainbow. OK, we had a big debate over orange this season, but we're making room for it, too.

Every large and small thing is given a chance to be vivid this season.

And some things can't help themselves from being vivid.

And now, for our denouement...

Behold, Sid Dickens' Spring 2009 Collection, "Madeleine."

This season, the artist quotes French writer Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time for some insight into his latest collection of plaster art tiles:

"...And so it is with our own past . . . The past is hidden somewhere outside the realm, beyond the reach of intellect, in some material object {in the sensation which that material object will give us} which we do not suspect.

"...poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us, waiting and hoping for their moment, amid the ruins of all the rest; and bear unfaltering, in the tiny and almost impalpable drop of their essence, the vast structure of recollection."

But remember, friends, as the German composer Richard Wagner said, "Joy is not in things; it is in us." Thanks to our customers for bringing us joy through your support and appreciation for all things BLISSFUL.


Anne Marie said...

your shop looks fabulous!!

Blue Muse said...

I LOVE your treasures. I so wish you were closer! I can think of few better things that I'd rather be doing on Sunday afternoon than perusing your shoppe!

Will all the things you've shown lately be available on your web boutique? :)
xo Isa


Hi, Isa {Blue Muse}--

Good question. I'll take this opportunity to provide some insight into why certain items make it into the Online Boutique {O.B.} and others don't, because this is a question we get asked often: we work weekly to shoot and upload new items to the O.B., but as you can tell from perusing our blog {not to mention shopping our brick-and-mortar store}, the O.B. represents only a mere fraction of what we actually have for sale. The reasons for that are manifold: time, woman power, practicalities, and the fact that we don't buy too deeply into any one thing, which means new items often sell out before we can get them online. For instance, if we have three of a limited edition handbag for sale, the time and woman power it takes to stage, shoot, choose the best photo from among the 20 or so we've shot, get the photo to our tech guy for optimization, then for me to actually sit down and write up the description and upload it to the O.B. may not be worth it for us because by the time we've done all that {a week? two weeks? remember we're also running a brick-and-mortar here} we may only have one limited edition handbag left. And frankly, that's *a lot* of time and labor invested to sell one handbag. So with each new item that comes in, we have to weigh out the cost of our time and labor versus the potential profit of selling the item online. That was a lot of nuts and bolts, but some of you may find it interesting.

Still, we really *want* to sell that last limited edition handbag, and we *love* selling to customers in other states {and sometimes internationally}. In fact, we do this often and easily. Anytime you see something that catches your eye in one of our blog photos, simply send us an e-mail at sales@theblissful.com and inquire. 90% of the time, our Sales Desk is brilliantly quick about replying with price, dimensions, or any other info you may request. {The other 10% of the time, we'll respond by the next business day.} We are happy to do a sale with you over the phone using your credit card {we accept all four major ones}, or we often invoice via PayPal if you prefer a secure transaction. The shipping works the same as what you'll find through our Online Boutique {click the Shipping link at the top of the page when you're in the O.B. for details}. Too, I am in the midst of uploading another new batch of product to the O.B., so keep watching there as well.

Thanks for the kind compliments, Isa. And thanks for giving other readers a chance to take a little peek behind the scenes.


Jill Elaine said...

Looks delightful! And I LOVE orange! Glad you made room for it.

Blue Muse said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer to thoroughly. I love your shoppe even more now. ... if that's possible! (swoon)

Jeanneoli said...

The shop looks amazing. Talk about eye candy!!! Stunning..all of it.

Beth@GypsyFish said...

mmmm mmmm good! I wish you were closer...But alas, there are pictures...remember there's no calories in eye candy...so we can eat as much as we want!
Thanks for the inspiration