31 May 2009

Memo to Shop Owners

For the past two years {almost to the day!}, I've been writing a special blog for women entrepreneurs and indie shop owners in particular called A Boutique Industry. Now, it's time to take that blog to the next level and make it a private forum for brick and mortar shop owners only. If this is you, please click here.

Image courtesy of Flickr.



mary k said...

I am curious about the list of names in the picture posted on your blog. My name is Mary Kahler, the same as girl #2. I now live on Cape Cod,but was raised in Canton. I visited your shop about a year ago while visiting my brother and family at Lake Cable. Do you have the list?
Is it for sale? Have a great summer. Mary Kahler


Hi, Mary!--

I remember you! How uncanny about the list of names actually having YOUR name in it. That is pretty amazing!!!

I found the image of this list of names on Flickr by searching "vintage ledger paper." I'm not sure whether the owner of the image is selling the original piece or not or even if she has it in her possession. Here is the URL where you can view it directly and perhaps contact her: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kellylwatson/103970693/

Best of luck! Stop in and see us next time you're at Lake Cable!