13 October 2009

Fall: Enough Said

I seriously love Fall. It's my favorite season of the year. It's a bit elusive, enigmatic, and hard to hold onto. I respect it for those reasons. It's the season that makes me come alive and feel like, Yeah, anything is possible! I know a lot of people feel that way about Summer. Not me. In the Summer, I feel lazy, slow-witted, and sluggish. My theory? It has to do with blood type. You're either a warm weather person or you're not.

Chippy, distressed, faded, and burnished.

We hope you saw the Save the Date announcement for our Holiday debut event in this blog post. 'Til then, we're making way for Holiday finds and furnishings with a Holiday Warm-Up Sale that starts today. We're taking 10% OFF everything through Saturday, October 31st {exclusions include Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, clearance items, special orders, and purchases of Gift Cards}. Stop in and get an early start on your Holiday shopping.

Meanwhile, let us regale you with some of our favorite Fall offerings:

New Bird Drawer Pulls. Too cute!

One of our new soy-based candle lines: the Historical Collection by Modern Alchemy. Our fragrances are {from left to right in photo}: Opium Den, Speak Easy, Cake Walk {burning under cloche}, Brothel, and Secret Society.

Our other new candle debut. The Black Collection by Modern Alchemy, in Eros, Temple, Ember, Chamber, and Samovar. Two sizes available. Don't forget one of our Baroque Gentleman Matchboxes.

We think of this as our "scary Sid" wall. Very appropriate for Hallowe'en. We like to throw his incredible Christ tiles in there to represent life after death.

Here at THE BLISSFUL, wrapped and be-glittered Skull Soap is about as scary as we get.

Chunky Mobius Scarves are part fabric, part knit, and perfect for winding casually around your neck.

Our foodsafe Chalkboard Chargers are great for serving anything from cheese to cookies.

Recycled Wine Bottle Candles in one sublime Fall fragrance: French Pear.

We're suckers for texture {especially anything with pom-pom trim}.

Soothing Lavender Candles in glazed terracotta pots by VOTIVO. Gotta have 'em. The perfect bedroom candle.

Modern Alchemy's Black Collection and twine-bound books with the covers ripped off. Deconstructed love.

Vintage Doorknob Winestoppers. Each one is different. A classy and easy hostess gift.



Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Beautiful blog, Great dispays, LOVE it! Janna

Suzy said...

Everything is completely blissful! Thank you for all the pics!