11 November 2009

Bazaar de Noël in Photos


Glittering Humble Glorious Tarnished Bejeweled

Newly Handmade for a Modern World

Storefront at sunset, Bazaar de Noël.

Bazaar de Noël went off beautifully November 5th-7th. It's taken me half a week to cull through over a thousand photos that were snapped throughout the weekend between me and my two Shopgirl photographers.

One of my absolute favorite shots from the weekend. Pure magic.

Thanks to all the customers who came out for our Holiday 2009 debut event. We were so pleased to see so many of our regulars, as well as lots of new customers who were discovering us for the first time. After four years in business, that still feels great.

The event tagline was Modern Heirlooms for Inspired Holidays. We took our nod from the mood of the culture: quality treasures over fly-by-night trendy junk, value over extravagance for its own sake, recycled/repurposed items in limited quantities over mass produced stuff one can find anywhere.

Front display that greets customers at our entrance. Rummage-y, playful, enigmatic, unstaged.

When we combed the Markets for our Holiday story this past Winter {yes, nearly a year in advance}, we passed over mass market stuff we knew might get picked up by big box stores and were drawn toward that which felt unique, innately boutique-y, and most importantly, worth it.

This saintly fellow became the unofficial mascot of Bazaar de Noël.

Raphael Santos watches over one of our many fantastic Holiday candles.

Spiky Star Ornament in the brightest, glintiest silver glitter finish.

Our Eiffel Tower Snowglobe Ornament captures a bit of wintry Parisian magic. {No, the snow doesn't scatter about when you shake it, but it's so pretty just the same.}

We wanted a store full of heirloom quality finds destined for those customers with taste for the fascinating and an eye for quality.

Our paper Ting-Ting Birds can serve as romantic treetoppers or as adornments for wine bottles.

The bracelet of the season--a super long strand of faceted semiprecious stones in variegated colors. Wrap nine or ten times around the wrist for a casual layered effect.

These are the pieces you will pass on to your daughters and granddaughters.

Our color palette was non-traditional, as well. This year, we almost entirely eschewed traditional red and green and instead created our story with hues that set a nostalgic tone yet play off of modern textures such as nickel, zinc, washed and weathered woods, and of course, mercury glass and glitter glass.

There were sips & nibbles aplenty.

The weekend's signature cookie, a lemon cutout frosted with our favorite Yuletide word. Thanks, Susan, for doing such a delicious job!

Tatine Garden + Forest Infusion Candles in intoxicating Holiday fragrances: Winterberry, Pumpkin, and Pine...

and some fun in the making, courtesy of Wendy Addison.

Our iconic La Fille de Bohème looks lovely in all seasons...

as you will when peering into our Bejewelled Mirror Compacts.

Love the glossy patina on this small Mercury Glass Fluted Tealight Holders. Just about the right size for a pat of butter. If only mercury glass were foodsafe.

A selection of new jewels from Strand by Kelly McGreal. One of a kinds and few of a kinds.

Enchanted Forest Pearl Tree Ornament

My favorite little stocking stuffers: antique-y crystal Snowflake Magnets from Belgium. Like something straight out of a vintage jewelbox.

Sparkle sparkletons. {Otherwise known as sparkly silver birds on stands that have a clear vase wired on to their back into which you can put a flower, a sprig of holly, or even a pen. I spotted these in last year's J. Crew Holiday catalog, yes I did.}

I spy...

our Sid Dickens wall in its sun-dappled glory. Now these make an unforgettable gift. Moveable, affordable art that actually appreciates over time.

Straight up yum. Hard to choose a favorite.

On the left: Music with Moulding {T04}. On the right: Moment {T216}.

Divine Love {T212}, a retired tile.

Belonging {T214}.

I love their otherworldliness.

Angelic Spirit {T213}. Retired.

Amour - Silver {S206}.

Santa Elena and a cupboard full of Bazaar finds.

Black and silver Fleur de Lis Ornaments in two sizes.

Always, always with the mercury glass around here. Add a hobnail texture and we love it all the more.

In an ornament? Yes, please.

The handpainted gnome of the gourmet table.

Cheeky Glittered Owl ornaments.

Fantastically detailed--and diminutive--Bejeweled Crowns.

Sparkling French Medallion Earrings, handset with Austrian crystals.

Etched crystals on ribbons.

Pearl & Crystal Bangles

White lights on white cord, all swirled together in a large Seafarer's Bottle. A simple idea with really high impact.

Just one shot of translucent cobalt blue--in the form of a really cool candlestick.

Snowflake Ornament from our Belgian jewelbox collection.

Baby cupboard with twinkly lights.

Alhambra Candlesticks add sleek drama.

New Bubble Baths by Tokyo Milk in vintage modern apothecary jars. Such shelf candy. Oh, and the formula is wonderful, too. In two fragrances--one sexy, one softly floral.

Silver Vintage-Style Camera Boxes find a temporary home on our Train Shelf with numbered hooks.

Thank you, Kirsten, for this shot. Great bokeh, sister.

What's in our Round It Up Wire Basket? From top to bottom, Wooden Paris Plaque, Green Fleur de Lis Votives, and large Silver Bullion Ball Ornaments.

Santos Wing

"Every great life deserves great moments." One of my favorite greeting cards from this year's Holiday selection.

Layers of goods for entertaining and serving.

Handbags and scarves.

Vintage-wash burnout tees and a perennial favorite canvas around here, "The Guardian."

Green in two hues.


Come rest a while.

These are my most favorite funky little votive holders. Love the tarnish-y, almost dirty look of the smoky inlaid crystals. Mmm.

Ornament exchange, anyone?

Mistletoe soy candles in chunky bubbly mercury glass tumblers, fronted by a glitttery Peace Dove Ornament resting between toes. Of course. Only at THE BLISSFUL.

The Woodland display--where lifelike resin forest Mushrooms commingle with Silvered Wing Tealight Holders and lacy Pearl Beaded Snowflake Ornaments.

Sublimity in a Santos.

The ornament that says it all.

Yay. Just yay.

Love the message. Love the vessel.

The quintessential French-y ornament: sparkly silver glitter glass 3-D Eiffel Tower.

Striped Glitter Glass Bulbs. A bit classic, a bit insouciant.

Collection of found eccentricities.

Throwing a party? This is your table.

Russet, bronze, and purple. Looks like Thanksgiving.

Arctic-looking mercury glass tealight holder. Brr. Warm this baby up with some candleglow.

On the left: Debra Kerr, Shop Stylist/Buyer. On the right: Abby Kerr, Proprietor/Buyer/Scribe.

We thank you for supporting this indie retail business for yet another wonderful year. May your Holiday season be merry and bright.


audrey said...

Stunning photos! I would have LOVED to have been there. I must make an Ohio trip soon ~ I need a Blissful fix!!
audrey fish pfeifer

Gina @ Feather Your Nest said...

Everything looks lovely Abby! You guys did a beautiful job. And your mom could pass as your sister!


Oh Abby - pictures are absolutely breathtaking to this "country" soul. Your eclectic collections all come together making a great shopping experience for your customers - wish I could have been there in person....maybe one day. Enjoy the fruits of your labors - The Blissful is truly magnificient! Judy

Traditions Journal said...

You definitely out did yourself this year.
The store looks magnificent! I shopped all the markets that you and your Mom did...but you definitely found goodies that I never saw!! Great job. Take care, Sue

Oliver's said...

I just opened my boutique inside a design center and I have to say...some day I hope to have a store like yours! Your store is everything that I think a store should be. Unique from the box stores is a must! I have not made it to market yet but I can't wait. I love your theme for Christmas, perfect! Wish I lived closer. Thank you for sharing! Paula

Curious Sofa said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just seeing the work involved. Tagging alone! Beautiful treasures I have never seen anywhere. Great job. BEST OF LUCK for an amazing $ea$on.

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

Oh my, so many lovely things! I really enjoyed the tour.
Have a fabulous day!

The French Hen, Essex, CT said...

Abby: Wow! What a delectable visual treat my visit to your blog has been. The store is really, really looking beautiul. You and your Mom look darn fabulous too. Everything...everyone...gorgeous!
Happy holi-daze!

McMaster and Storm said...

i'm so happy to get a peek....thank you soo much!
was thinking of you lots & lots!

metro home style said...

Fabulous doesn't even begin to describe what you and your staff have done! Terriffic job, your hard really work shows. Best of luck for a successful holiday season!

Jill@Patinka's said...

OMG!!!Your shop looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! So much eye candy....

pam q said...

Oh, how I wish I lived close to Ohio!

Thanks for all the photos for those of us who can't come visit in person....

All looked great! Especially those long wrapping bracelets. And the mercury glass. And the glitter. And the treats.

I remember how it was so strange to have to shop the markets so far in advance---just hard to get your mind around the concept sometimes! But it looks like you definitely got it all down right!

Inn Country said...

Just beautiful photos I would really love to purchase some effiel tower (snow globe) ornaments My only problem is I live in Australia would you post to Australia? Have a beautiful day Lisa