30 January 2010

Our Last 8 Days

Writing this post is a little surreal. Really? Our last 8 days? Really? I'm just now beginning to grasp that this next week will be the culmination of my boutique experience. And the culmination of THE BLISSFUL as a brick and mortar retail store. {If you're just now hearing the news, click here for the full scoop.} Four years. Several big and small trips to Market. Hundreds of boxes of merchandise. Thousands of customers. Many wonderful relationships with vendors, sales reps, other retailers, and industry writers and editors. All beloved memories. {And let's be honest, some stressful and anxious ones. Such is the stuff of small business ownership.} Being THE BLISSFUL's Proprietor has changed me as a person in ways I couldn't have anticipated. Changed me in big ways. I think I haven't even begun to see how big. It may take a while. What is so neat is that out of the store have been birthed so many new dreams and visions for things yet to come.

This past month since our announcement has been about winding down at the shop. There have been many, many hugs, some tears, and lots of well-wishes. Customers have been beyond gracious. No one wants to lose a boutique in their town. Especially when the owner is doing it because she needs a lifestyle change, not because the economy is forcing her to close. I can't explain how embraced my mom and I have felt over the past four years by people who have loved the store, and how overwhelmed I am by the sincerity of people's love for this store and their support for my future endeavors. To say 'thank you' just doesn't seem like enough.

THE BLISSFUL will be open for one more week.
Monday-Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM.
Also this Sunday the 31st from 12 Noon - 4 PM.

Our anticipated last day of business is Saturday, Feb. 6th.

Our Storewide Clearance is still moving briskly at 40% OFF regular price. There are still some amazing pieces left, like our iconic Zinc Painted Vintage Mantel...

Originally $650, NOW $390.

Dauphine Mirror, originally $325, NOW $195. {Disregard tag on mirror in photo--it was mis-tagged.}

Also waiting for you: interesting objets and accents, accent furniture, some larger furniture, baby items, bedding, apothecary, cards, jewelry and handbags, garden items, and an assortment of Sid Dickens tiles. The store changes hourly so I'm not posting too many photos. We've discontinued most shipping as our sell-through has been so quick {thanks, everyone!}, but if there's something you've seen on our blog that you've had your eye on and you live outside our local area, feel free to e-mail us at sales@theblissful.com because we just may be able to ship it.

Hope to see you soon, even if it's just so we can say that we hope our paths cross with yours again.

And behind the scenes, I'm stirring the batter of my next creative enterprises. To answer the question that many have asked me, YES, I will continue to blog here on Lettres from THE BLISSFUL, post-shop life. You betcha. As always, thanks for reading. And thanks for being one of THE BLISSFUL.


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Kimberly said...

Hi Abby,
I have been a shop owner in NJ for almost 7 years now. I found out about your blog through a recent purchase of the book, Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey (which I am enjoying!) I actually brought the book with me on my last buying trip to Atlanta in Jan., and enjoyed reading it on the flight into Atlanta. I look forward to reading your older posts on your blog. I can only imagine the emotions of closing your shop, but can understand wanting to close it rather than sell it, but sounds like you have exciting things planned for the future! Looking forward to reading you upcoming posts.
Kimberly Rose