08 April 2009

Shop Indie, Save the Local Economy

Think about which three independently owned stores you'd miss most if they were gone...Your contribution is what keeps those businesses around.

This idea is at the heart of a new nationwide movement to save independently, locally owned brick and mortar stores. It's called the 3/50 Project. Brick and mortar stores around the country are rallying their loyal fans and customers to help support the local economy, three stores at a time. Click the graphic at left to enlarge the flyer and read about how YOU can help preserve the citizen-driven economy that America was built on! If you like this idea, I encourage you to print the flyer and pass it on to your friends.

THE BLISSFUL thanks you for supporting this indie establishment.


Katy said...

Lovely idea! I myself have a store online but am a big supporter of local businesses! I even focus my blog mainly on small businesses in my area. I assume since you mentioned reprinting this I could post it on my blog too :0) Blessings, Katy


Yes, please share this on your blog, Katy. The more the word goes around, the more energized we will all become. Thank you for getting involved and for promoting local businesses on your blog. I wish much success to your online store!

RaisedInCotton said...

Hi Abby:)

This is so important and we do truly need to get the word out. Also, Thank You so much for ALL of your wonderful support:)


Keeping Good Company said...

What are great idea!! I will surely post this on our blog. It is so important for our customers to know how important it is to support the local businesses, especially small ones!

Best Wishes,
Chelsea & Pam

metro home style said...

Abby, this is such a great project thanks for spreading the word. I have a poster up in the store window and I printed some small flyers I’m using as bag stuffers.

Thanks again! - Linda


Thank YOU, Linda! You're the one who first brought my attention to this movement. Our bag stuffers are being printed up soon. :)

Keeping Good Company said...

We would love to take this and also use it as a bag stuffer. Did you simply print it off your blog, or do you have the original location it came from? It is so important for people to know this information!

Thank you for sharing!!


Hi, Chelsea--

The original website is the350project.net. I simply right clicked their landing page {which happens to be the flyer}, then saved it to my computer as a JPG. I then printed a high quality copy off on my printer.


Keeping Good Company said...

Great, thanks Abby!

bolerorkm said...

I am an employee of a local professional services firm and I strongly believe in local economy -these are the businesses we serve. Thank you for posting the 350project information - I will definately share.


Jeanneoli said...

This is such a great idea. There are so many unique stores and restaurants that would change our towns if they closed.

Hi! My name is Dee said...

This is a wonderful idea, I am going to share this on my blog. Hopefully this idea will really catch on.
I have a little gift store in Strasburg, Pa. This such a nice way to let everyone know that we really depend on them.
Best Wishes,

Retail Enabler said...

What a terrific blog post and lovely comments. As someone who holds The 3/50 Project pretty near and dear, and on behalf of independent, locally owned businesses everywhere, thank you.

In response to Chelsea’s question about where to pull graphics from, I invite you to visit the website (the350project.net), then click on the Resources tab. There you’ll find all sorts of goodies to help spread the word, from high res copies of the free flyer to window banners to bumper stickers to the free window clings being donated by The Chicago Market. It’s a wonderland of goodness!

Then...click on the Jump In tab and register as a supporter. We’ll list your business on the website (and link back to your store’s website if you put our member badge on your home page). Hey, it’s all about saying “thank you,” right?

Here’s to great success ahead for indie owners everywhere,

Cinda Baxter
The 3/50 Project

Vintage Sue said...

This is wonderful! Thanks