02 January 2008

January Sale and More

French Word of the Month
SOLDE : noun, masculine, singular : a sale
Pronunciation: sold

Usage: The Blissful is having un solde this month. And not just any solde...un grand solde!

French language purists, please forgive my slide into Franglais. I just wanted to let everyone know about our January Sale of Grand Proportions.

Currently, all Christmas merchandise, including ornaments, trees, candy boxes, wreaths, and holiday stationery is 60% OFF. Additional markdowns will be taken each week until it's gone, but the good stuff is going, going fast, so stop in soon!

60% OFF of holiday gourmet products and select winter candles.

75% OFF of select everyday candle and body care lines.

And 50% to 75% OFF of all manner of interesting and desirable finds, including jewelry and tabletop collections.

The Blissful is off to Market in Atlanta the second weekend in January to scout out new finds, furnishings, and surprises for 2008. Please take advantage of our January Sale, as the sooner we clear out the remainder of last season's goods, the sooner we can unpack the new for your wonderment.

On a related note, we are thrilled to announce that our holiday shipping hiatus has been lifted! We thank you for your patience during the holiday season as we had to curtail shipping in order to keep our local customers happy and well-stocked. Now we are all set to ship our goods anywhere across the U.S. and beyond. Anything you see pictured on our blog or our website (that we still carry and have in stock) can make its way to you within a matter of one week. Please e-mail us at sales@theblissful.com with any product inquiries and we will happily and quickly respond with pricing info. Please include your zip code for a shipping quote.

And stay tuned until February, when we'll premiere our online boutique with a shopping cart!


KJ said...

I have so enjoyed getting to know you and watching your dreams take root and bloom! BEST BLESSINGS IN 2008!


Anonymous said...

Hi Abby, Happy New Year to you, we hope 2008 will be a wonderful and successful year for you! We are so delighted to read that we can now actually buy from you now! Whoo-hoo! We'll be back for sure :) Jenn and Jacqui

Roxie said...

Oh how I wish I could shop your B&M store. I will just have to browse online. Looks like you are going to be getting alot of new things in after the trip to market. Already Holiday shopping huh? Whoa!