20 January 2008

Last Hurrah Sale

Fair notice that we have consolidated all of our remaining holiday merchandise to one table and that this is the last week you will see it in the shop. This includes our red vintage-brooch bedecked and silver bouillon bottle brush trees (the pricey ones that are now 75% OFF), winter candles (including a line straight from France), holiday cards, tree ornaments, the oft-asked-about snow-encrusted snowflake wreaths we had hanging in our windows (lit with white lights), and other great stuff. Come in this week if you've had your eye on something because none of it is long for our sales floor!

And, as you can see in the photo above, we're appeasing St. Valentine with a very selective assortment of finds appropriate for the holiday that falls on February Fourteenth.

With the shop closed today, we are giving our mantel a zinc facelift...

...as we await more arrivals for Spring.


audra said...

I rent to hire you out for a week coming up soon. Just kidding. But we have bought a house and I would love both of you to come out and give it your special flair. I cant wait til the online goodies!
Miss you both

Kate said...

Can't say I've ever thought this before, but I wish I could come to Ohio! (I'm down here in Texas.) My best to you.

~j~ said...

Looking forward to your going online with your store. You are a little too far for me to drive although there have been days where i have been tempted! I do love "dropping" in often to see what others get to take home and will patiently wait till it's my turn :)
Best of everything,
julia (california girl!)

Tracie said...

That zinc mantel is looking gorgeous!