28 February 2008

It's Our Online Shop!

Look for our Post Script Mirror in our Decorate : Wall Decor department.

"Happy Birthday, Leap Year Baby!!!" [cue sounds of plastic horns and noisemakers, people whooping, and much clinking of glasses and general merrymaking]

Look for our VIN Glasses in our Entertain : Glassware department.

As promised, our long-awaited online boutique is open for business! We hope you'll visit and spend some time wandering through.

New finds and furnishings will be added on the regular, so stop by daily to see what's just arrived. We plan to highlight new arrivals on our blog whenever possible so that you can stop here first, then skip on over to the boutique for a first peek.

Now for the personal stuff. What can I say upon the launch of our online store? Not to get all choked-up and Toastmaster-ish on you, but I really have been thinking about how to put this e-commerce launch into perspective, how to frame it for myself. Have you ever gotten so lost in a big new project that when you come up for air you fail to behold the true scope of your accomplishment? I think that's where I'm at right now.

Customers often ask me if I've considered expanding The Blissful, either in terms of physical space or even franchising. The fact is, at this point I am quite content with the brick-and-mortar store in its current size. This is as much store as I want for right now! And I can't even begin to imagine a new shop in a new city. However, the online launch is an expansion of no small proportions. It's a bigger investment in every regard: time spent behind the computer, hours spent at the shop, training new staff, getting my office into shape as a shipping center (and yes, it's come a looong way from the last time you saw it), not to mention the additional financial investment of stocking inventory for not one but two shops (that's one way of thinking of it; the other way of thinking about it is that our customer base just multiplied by several thousandfold; either way, that means more inventory). It's a leap, and how appropriate that we're launching on the eve of February 29th, 2008...Leap Day.

Look for our Tiny Garden Tee in our Dress : Apparel department.

And so we commence this next phase of our journey at The Blissful. We are launching with what I see as a fairly modest representation of all that is to come. Our product mix online will grow by leaps and bounds over the next few weeks, months, and years. We look forward to the great pleasure and privilege of doing business with you and thank you so much for your friendship and support. Merci! Merci! Merci!

Oh, and as always, thank you to Matt and Becki and to Linds, three of the best friends I could ever have. Without the three of you, this online boutique just might have leapt right into March!

Let the wonderment begin!


dahlias said...

Looks fabulous! You have done an amazing job my friend.....update me when you can take a breath!

Laurie , owner of The French Hen, Essex, CT said...

What an absolutely stunning, first class website. Congratulations! I feel like I just strolled through your shop and your selection of merchandise is just lovely. I wish you much success with this new leg of your journey,

dahlias said...

Oh and I love that mirror!

Morgan McLaughlin said...

Congrats Abby! So happy to see you made your goal and I can't wait to browse through the shop from here in CA.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Yeeeaahh, congratulations on the opening of your online shop, may it be as succesful as your boutique!! Ive had a look at it and everything is gorgeous, you have great taste...claire x

Jean said...

Wow, congrats! As I mentioned before I adore your stuff. I have to do a post about your launch!

Becky said...

Congrats on the opening of the online shop. Wishing you the best of luck on your new adventure.

christineannette said...

Wow congrats to you and the new website. It looks great and your products are unique & fabulous.

Smiles, Christine

Cristina said...

Hi Abby-
I've been watching & waiting for your online shop to open. It's absolutely beautiful!!! And, it's the latest on my favorite's list. I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor/customer. Congrats! When you have a "free" moment I hope you'll stop by my shop too. :)
Best of luck-

Calm & Collected Organizing said...

Congrats, Abby! Great things are sure to come of the newest piece of your incredible business!

The Crafts House said...

wow!!amazing site, good luck,the products are really unique

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby, Congratulations on your stunning website and for achieving your dreams, well done to you and the girls! With coffee in hand we will now sit back and peruse in depth! We have always admired your style, and we are so glad it's finally happened for you! Best wishes, Jenn and Jacqui

Antique Paperie said...

Gorgeous Miss Abby! Everything looks fabulous darling! I bet you are so busy right now -
So happy I popped into your blog - now I'm off to browse the new Store! So excited for you :)
xoxo Sherri @ Antique Paperie

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the launch of your online shop! Looks awesome! Nice to run across your blog and new site. Molly

Signature Vintage said...

just visited your shop and it's amazing! I love every category and every item in them! Beautiful!

Secret Leaves said...

Congratulations Abby! We wish you great success.

Sharon and Ann

McMaster & Storm said...

Website is lovely........I will call you soon! We stayed @ the store late to "fluff".
I'm sure you've been busy shipping, yaay!

Lisa said...

Great new site. Love all your wonderful items.

Good luck for wonderful success!

Jessica Damyanovich said...

Congratulations Abby! I was at work at the library when I found that your web shop had launched. I loved browsing all the wonderful items- great taste!!

Jill Flory said...

Hey Abby,
Way to go on getting your website up and running, ready to sell! I bet you are swamped! It is fun looking through things! I still want to experience the 'real' store someday!
God Bless you with tons of sales!

Alexa said...

so exciting i had to give you some link love on my little 'ol blog.

can't wait to hopefully come in this weekend!