11 February 2008

Why, St. Valentine, Why?

It's Valentine's Week, you know. ("Valentine's Week?" exclaimed my boyfriend yesterday evening. "Now it's a week???")

There's little historical veracity to back up the idea that it was the St. Valentine of history books who founded the holiday that is alternately beloved and dreaded by people throughout Western Civilizaton. However, I appreciate the cultural mythology so much that I am going to blame him for picking the middle of February for this holiday. Why, St. Valentine, why? It's only in the single digits here in Ohio and I'm sure it can't be much warmer anywhere within a ten hour drive! (Those of you in warm weather climates, I hope you're counting your lucky stars this week.) This is the weather in which we're supposed to run out, buy a cute new outfit for our big night out at a restaurant, or hit up the grocery store for ingredients for a batch of cupcakes for our honey? Yeah, not really feeling like it this week. But we press on.

Just in case you plan to brave this week's oncoming weather, we invite you to make a stop at The Blissful, as we are running our St. Valentine's Sale today through Saturday. We're taking 10% OFF all pink and red items and all other Valentine's-specific finds (cards, candy, etc.).

Below, we are featuring exquisite chocolates (each truffle is named after a girl; pop open a box and you can sink your teeth into a glorious ganache-covered Sophie, Antoniette, or Helena!) in our handmade pink polka dot heart shaped box. Lovely and adorable. Enjoy the chocolates, then treat the box as a keepsake.

Certain of our KOBO candles are perfect for this holiday. Try Santal, which is a blend of sandalwood, cognac, and anise. (Once he takes it out of the pink and red box, the candle is white soy wax in a clear vessel. The fragrance is great for his study--not too girly.) Or light up a Chocolat et Orange (now burning at this present moment), a mix of dark chocolate, tangerine, and orange.

On another note, have you seen the feature on our friends Darcy and Kara's shop in the March issue of Country Living? Check these ladies out! The honor couldn't have been bestowed upon two nicer, more deserving people. Their online shop is debuting soon, too, so watch for it!

It's hard for me to believe it, but our 100th post on Lettres from The Blissful is fast approaching! In fact, it's just seven more posts away. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon (not usually my favorite activity, but all of you wonderful bloggers deserve it) and do a 100th Post Giveaway! More details to follow soon, including how to enter and what the winner will receive.

Hope your Valentine's Week (week, week, week, week, week) is unusually sweet.


~j~ said...

Hi Abby,
I am a little embarassed to be admitting this but I check the website everyday hoping for the online store to be opened! Since I am in California, there have been some days I have almost hopped in the car to drive to your shop!
Suffice to say I am so excited to get the announcement and my little credit card is burning with excitement:)
patiently waiting in Cali

The Blissful said...

Hi, Julia--

You are so sweet! Thanks for sharing your excitement with us over the debut of our online boutique. Won't be much longer; in fact, I have an update post planned to announce The Actual Launch Date. Stay tuned! And be assured we are working diligently, sometimes well past the hour we should be home and snug in our beds, to get this thing up and running! Oh, this is going to be fun!!!


Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Abby, patiently waiting in Australia too :) So exciting, you must be working awfully hard to make this very special as we know it will be! Jenn and Jacqui

Anonymous said...

I have, also, been checking to see if the online store has opened. I can't wait!


Holly said...

Ohh goodness I just can't wait for the online store to open! Your store is SO previous! I'm hooked. I just want to drive to yuor store right this very minute. Maybe I'll get a car load of girls together for a spring break road trip....

McMaster & Storm said...

Happy Valentine's Day {week}!
Enjoy your "sweet" day.......
Kara & Darcy