22 February 2010

Announcing My New Agency

Scribe's Note: While the heart and gist of what I'm sharing here is still 110% true, please note that since I posted this back on February 22nd, 2010, I've decided to do business under a different name than the one I announced here. Please see my next, more recent post for an announcement of Abby Kerr Ink. Abby Kerr Ink is for keeps and there shouldn't be any more announcements of a name changing variety.

Announcing the birth of a new business and the beginning of my newest adventure...

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The Abby Kerr Copywriting Agency

The Abby Kerr Copywriting Agency {that's me!} specializes in web, digital, and print copy for creatively oriented businesses. I love working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about building their brand and communicating with their customers in innovative ways.

What is copywriting? As one mystified stranger recently asked me, "Is that where you put the little c's next to a word?" No. That's copyrighting. Different thing altogether.

COPYWRITING {noun} - def: the art of words or text designed to inform, influence, or sell, such as for websites, advertising, marketing, press releases, etc.

COPYWRITER {noun} - def: one who practices the art of copywriting

My new biz puts my skills, experiences, and instincts as a creator, brand director, and marketer of a successful business in your court. I hear the story your business or product wants to tell and the voice it wants to speak it in, then I shape that story and that voice into energetic, effectively copywritten pieces for web, digital, or print--copy that will resonate with your customers or clients.

What I Do

My clients hire me to get inside their brands, inside their heads, and most importantly, inside their customers' heads, to write effective copy for a wide variety of needs. Effective copy compels their target market to identify with the brand in the right way, want to know more, and ultimately, buy in to it. And the copy must do this subtly. Authentically. And with clarity, in a way that builds trust and confidence. This is what I do. {This is what I loved doing most for THE BLISSFUL. Read back through this blog's archives you'll get a sense of what I mean.}

I bring to my clients' projects a remarkably high degree of professionalism, natural instinct, and a smart, contemporary point of view on branding, marketing, and sales. As an entrepreneur and a business owner, I understand the challenges of doing business, the value of meaningful relationships with clients, and the urgency of resonating in the right way at the right time with the right people {your target market}. The words you put out into the world are an important part of that resonance. Sound like a tall order? I'm here to help.

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Who I Can Help

I'm my own girl, a true freelancer. If you have an existing website or a graphic designer you like working with and all you need is great copy, that works for me. If your business, too, is a one-person show and you need help in the writing department, I could be the interpreter of the brand in your brain to the brand that makes it onto the page. I love to brainstorm with entrepreneurs. I'd love to chat with you about how I could help your business put its best foot forward, copywise.

If you're working on a website {or would like a website} or have other design or print needs, I don't do the design and development part, but I do partner with a phenomenal, award-winning art and design studio that offers that side of the coin. Together, we offer our mutual clients a premier and personal level of service and deliver complete web and graphic design solutions to meet their wide-ranging needs. My partners are as detailed and deliciously prompt as I am, so I'm confident you would enjoy working with them, too.

I can write copy for...
  • websites {including SEO copy, which means Search Engine Optimized} and digital formats
  • retailing and products {in-store signage, brand communication pieces}
  • catalogs and online stores {product descriptions, policies}
  • advertising and direct marketing {print ads, sales letters, brochures}
  • company magazines and newsletters {print and digital}
  • brand, marketing, and internal communications
  • blog posts
  • articles and reviews
  • interviews
  • press releases
  • names, taglines, slogans, and descriptions
  • packaging
Get In Touch

Let's have a conversation about your project. E-mail me at abby AT abbykerrink DOT com. {E-mail address was updated on March 4th, 2010, after my announcement that this venture is now called Abby Kerr Ink.} Give me an idea of what you're looking for and what your timeframe is. I'll e-mail you back within a day or so, probably with a few more questions. This is the work I love to do, and if it feels like a great fit for the both of us, I would be so delighted and honored to work with you on your project.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Soon, I'll be launching my new website and a new blog there. Meanwhile, keep checking Lettres for updates! Thanks for reading.


kyle@sift said...

Best of luck to you, Abby. I know you will do well.

Krista said...

Thanks for sharing Abby...how exciting...I know you will be very successful!! Congrats and best of luck!

lilko1@sssnet.com said...

You are our modern day Muse, Calliope,inspiring others with your talent and presence. I'm so happy you've found "It."
Beth S.

Stephanie said...

Great to hear from you Abby!!! I am so excitied for you!!! Best of luck....even though I know you will do great!!!

laura said...

How exciting. I am sure you will do well as you have such a gift with words.

Sharleen at Luticia Clementine's said...

Oh my! It has really happened and so quickly. I know that you will put a spark in many businesses, perhaps even mine.

Lola's said...

Congratulations and best of luck!

Kasey said...

hmmm...now i need to think if i could use you to help me:-)

ryder said...

Congratulations. Seeing you move forward has been a huge inspiration to me. Good Luck Abby!

The French Hen, Essex, CT said...

Abby: this is sooo you! Best of luck with your new journey.

Relics said...

Hi Abby,

Best of Luck- I have lots of connections in the freelance catalog world, if I hear of anyone needing any copywriting help- I'll pass along your name.