04 March 2010

Start Ups Are Good, Starting Up Just Right is Better

Just a couple weeks ago, I announced the birth of my new copywriting agency. {So psyched!} And it's really important to me that I get it right--the whole thing. The vision, the relationships with clients and partners and peers, the services I offer, and oh yes, even the name.

That's why today I'm here to tell you that start ups are good. Anytime anyone takes a chance on a dream, it's a gorgeous, glow-y thing. And starting up just right is even better. After a couple weeks of immersing myself in visions of my new vision, essentially putting myself through grad school again {Abby Kerr's Self-Made Course on Launching a Copywriting/Brand-Refocusing/Creative Entrepreneurial Inspiration Business} I've found what feels better to me. And that happens to be a new name for my work in the world, a name that feels like a better fit than the one I first announced.

So here it goes, the official official name of my new biz...

Abby Kerr Ink

And this one's for keeps.

Abby Kerr Ink
{and my not-to-be-announced-quite-yet tagline--oh, I am so a fan of taglines!} allows the business to grow and evolve with me and my clients and clients-to-be. It allows room for all of my writerly interests: not just copywriting, but blogging, web content creation, fiction, creative non-fiction, {dare I admit it?} poetry, articles, teaching and leading workshops and courses on writing and branding and niche-y entrepreneurship, and just about every other type of thing you do when you put pen to paper {or finger to keyboard}. Abby Kerr Ink feels expansive, personal, and very me--and I just like how it rolls off my tongue.

So that's what's new. If you want to contact me about copywriting {and I hope you will!} you can now reach me at abby AT abbykerrink DOT com. {Just replace the DOT and the COM with, well, you know. Trying to get around those spambots who suck the Web for e-mail addresses and then fill your Inbox with all kinds of interesting things.}

By the way, soon enough I'll be writing to you from a brand new fully gorgeous spot on the Web. {I can say that with confidence because Rebecca and Matt at à la mode designs are creating it for me, and you've seen what kind of work they do.} I'll update you here as soon as my new site goes live, so please keep watching. Change is good.



Kirsten Alana said...

I LOVE the name Abby Kerr Ink and wish you many many good things in this new venture. It feels very you indeed and I can't wait to follow along w/ your adventures!!

Many blessings.

Jackie said...

Best of luck on your new adventure!bb

McMaster and Storm said...

love your name! perfect in every way......spring wishes to you up North!

Jill Elaine said...

Gotta say I love the name!

ann at greenoak said...

great name....good luck....ann


Thanks, ladies. Excited to share with you all that is to come and to visit you more often on the web! :)