26 October 2007

The Countdown is On

Some of the nametags for our hostesses at A French-Inspired Noël. We could not do it without our friends and family.

My friend Kelly does a great impersonation of the Count from Sesame Street. Don't ask me why I know this. But I can just hear her saying, with that comically Transylvanian accent, "One, two, three, four, five, six. Six days 'til the holiday open house at The Blissful. Mwah-hah-hah-hah-hah." Don't mind me. I'm feeling a little kooky today, what with the overwhelming prospect of turning the shop inside out over the next five days in preparation for A French-Inspired Noël. And the Count? Consider that our nod to a scary, scary Hallowe'en, since we'll be closed over Hallowe'en to get the shop ready. So there. Boo.

In an act of brave self-sacrifice, I am foregoing a date with my incredibly charming boyfriend tomorrow night and staying after hours to work at the shop. Yes, folks, it's all hands on deck for the next five days as we close the shop Monday the 29th through Wednesday the 31st, haul out all the Christmas boxes, unpack them of their goodies, dispose of the packaging, reinvent existing displays and build new ones, put up and decorate at least one tree, string lights, stage new window displays, prepare our gourmet fare, get our outfits ready (with comfortable shoes!). By the time customers start arriving Thursday morning, I have a feeling I'll be buzzing with lack of sleep and running on premium-grade adrenaline. Put it this way: I'll have to be running on premium-grade adrenaline.

As next week progresses, I promise to try to post daily updates here on the blog, with photos. Maybe I'm crazy for imagining I can keep up with blogging during one of the busiest weeks of the year, but I would like to! Hard to believe that this time next week, every inch of this store will be be-decked for the most wonderful time of the year. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us a reason to celebrate and to welcome our family and friends here to celebrate with us.

If you're in the area next weekend, please join us for A French-Inspired Noël on Thursday, November 1st, Friday, November 2nd, and Saturday, November 3rd, during regular shop hours. Bring friends!


dahlias said...

Good luck Abby....it'll be fun, right?! YES it will be fun! I can't wait to see pics of the transformation and the shop filled to the seams with your *lucky* customers!

I am sending mental support...talk soon!


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, I want to come! I do, I do! I will eagerly await all photos!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Good Luck! Wish we could come-oh- do we wish we could come- yummity, yum, yum!!!

kari & kijsa

Jill Flory said...

I check your blog daily, Abby! OOOh do I want to be there Thursday morning when the doors open! McMaster and Storm opens that evening and I plan to be there promptly! I'm contemplating the insanity of trying to come up to yours in the morning and being back for theirs???? I know I need to come up when I have all day to spend in the area. SIGH!
God Bless your preparations - He is THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!
Jill Flory

Paige Thomas King said...

I know it's a daunting task which faces you, but I'm sure you'll come through with flying colors. We'll be following suit in two weeks. I, too, will rely on the kindness, patience and talents of my employees and friends.
I look forward to reading about and seeing The Blissful adorned for the holidays.
Have fun!

McMaster & Storm said...

Helllloooooo, Abby!
Lots of coffee, prayers and theatrical going-ons behind the scenes this week. Best to you Abby....we'll be in touch!

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Abby, we found your beautiful blog through Melissa. We'll be there!! We look forward to the photos! Jenn and Jacqui

Carrie said...

I am so glad to discover your shop, and cannot wait for your online commerce to begin in Jan.
In my blog I speak of treasure hunting for enhancing my home. I am sure to find items at the Blissful.

Joy said...

It's a good thing I live far away because

a) I fear I would spend all of my money


b) never want to come home!

Good luck!

diane said...

I wish I could come! I know it will be lovely. I can't wait to see photos of your shop, especially decorated for Christmas. I love this time of year!

Sherri said...

Oh Goodness - I just found you through Chez Fifi and I am in ultimate heaven! Your Blissful Boutique - Your fabulous Blog - I will be certain to visit you here with a cup of Espresso daily - just looking at the wonderful, rich chocolate browns & blissful blues make me feel relaxed, and right at home. Tre`s Chic Madame!
xoxo Sherri @ Antique Paperie

KJ said...

Your shop is positively AMAZING! I have been persuing the photos at The Inspired Room! You don't know how much I would love to be there right now! Perhaps if they figure out how to send humans at the speed of email...

Congratulations! I pray that God will bless your charming enterprise ABUNDANTLY!

Hugs, KJ

Secret Leaves said...

Abby, the store looks incredible. Just beautiful. You couldn't have done a better job. And the merchandise makes me swoon. I am passing this post on to my mother-in-law, Linda. I sent her links to several of the stores we sell to and she liked yours the best. Maybe she and I can make a field trip over one of these days. Ann and I are proud to have our products in your first-class store.