17 October 2007

Hey, Look, Ma!

The Blissful is delighted to be featured today on The Inspired Room, a creative design blog written by interior design consultant Melissa Michaels of Portland, Oregon. From my perspective as a fellow blogger, Melissa is one of the sweetest and most genuine people out there. From my perspective as a writer, she has one of the freshest, most accessible, and authentically vibrant voices in the blogosphere. She takes on design, inspiration, and personal style at a level we all can relate to, no matter what kind of home we have (or don't have! see my last post...). Check her out once and you'll probably add her to your Favorites list. I have! Yes, this is one of those mutual admiration society moments, but it is well-deserved on Melissa's end. We are honored and excited to be featured.

And back at The Blissful, our gorgeous new gift cards have arrived. For our customers who want to give their gift-ee a plethora of options, a gift card is the perfect way to do it. With our slightly haunting and evocative design, we have a feeling that someone you know would be thrilled with a little Something Blissful.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hello Abby,
I just read Melissa's article about your wonderful shop and blog.

I'm in SW Ohio and try to get around to all of the interesting antique shops and boutiques.
Mom and I will definitely plan a road trip to Canton!

I found your experience of giving up a home in order to start a business very encouraging.
I live in a VERY tiny home and it looks like a larger one will have to wait for awhile longer, yet.
But, its worth it to do what I love. :)
Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective.

Hope to see the shop soon!

Kimberly :)

Counting Your Blessings said...

I just hopped over from The Inspired Room and I will definitely be adding you to my favorites! Your site looks like it's going to be delightful shopping and I just can't wait! Blessings... Polly

Cre8Tiva said...

the cards are beautiful...i am so glad that melissa pointed me here...i will return often...i grew up in western west virginia on the ohio river...perhaps one day i shll visit...blessings, rebecca

Robolady said...

I hope you can help me.
I'm looking for these knobs
They say Paris France 6th Arrondissement Commode Vetenent I think. I'd love to get some, but I can't find them.

The Blissful said...

Hi, Robolady--

Gosh, I wish I knew where to get those knobs! They are fantastic! Unfortunately, I do not have a source for those. If you happen to track it down, I'd love to know.

Bonne Chance!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Abby- your store looks beautiful, wish I were closer! Good luck to you!

Tracie said...

Hi Abby,

I see an inquiry for the Paris France 6th Arrondissement Commode Vetenent knobs. I purchased some approx seven years ago (so don't know if this will help her). Mine have the letter "T" on them. I purchased them from Ballard Designs. Maybe they could point you in some kind of direction. I once saw a clock in their catalog and called nearly a year after it was taken out of the catalog, the operator checked their back inventory & found one for me. You never know...


Congratulations! You're on to something huge!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Those are super beautiful cards! Would love to know who printed them for you.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I just found you through Melissa's blog and I wanted to stop by. Your place is beautiful, and I will surely add you to my favorites. Karen