05 October 2007

Fall Goodies

Black birds and ravens and Orange Amber candles...oh my!

A new collection of Thanksgiving-worthy dishes and serving pieces to make any table proud as a you-know-what (look closely).

Sundries for all who have a love affair with paper. We can so relate.

Pick-me-ups for your next chic soirée...or for your dream life in which you throw chic soirées. There's nothing wrong with buying for the life you want to have.

We've expanded our collection of Sid Dickens! Remember that the newest Blocks for Fall and Holiday 2007 should be in our shop by the middle of the month.

Now's the time to stock up on candles in all the best fall scents. Fragrance your home with all of autumn's ripe bounty! We love Sweet Almond and Blood Orange, D'Anjou Lychee (like pear or quince), and shown here, Golden Fuji Apple. Our Holiday VOTIVOs are coming soon!

Some of us really get the urge to cook and bake this time of year. What about you? Feed your culinary yearnings with an interesting new cookbook.

Add a little something pretty to your dresser or shelf in the boudoir or WC ("water closet", or, as it's pronounced in French, le doo-bla-vay-say).

Treat yourself to a fun new fall accessory, like our Bibliothèque Bangles. Covered with slips of Shakespearean drama and dotted with Swarovski crystals, I think of these as "subversive vintage." These look best stacked three or more deep on one wrist.


RaisedInCotton said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments you left on my blog:) I have been a big fan of yours since finding out about your lovely shop. Your new website is wonderful and really looks as if you have captured the true essence of The Blissful. I wish you continued success and look forward to following your journey!

ps love your photo's!

Jill Flory said...

Hi Abby,
I've tried to send you a couple of emails through the link on your site and for some reason they will not go through. Is it me or do I need a different address?
I'm wondering if you have any shelf brackets and also what your price is on the wire baskets shown in one of the new pics you posted. They have rolls of paper in them! You can email me at tlflory@alltel.net
Jill Flory

The Blissful said...

Hi, Jill--

Our new e-mail is still a little glitchy, so that's why your inquiries were bounced back. I apologize! In a couple more days, it should all be working smoothly. In the meantime, please contact me at theblissfulhome@yahoo.com.

I sent you a private e-mail with the information you requested. :)



melissa @ the inspired room said...


Everything looks so wonderful, I would like all of it! Every single thing! I want to come in to the shop, wish I could! I'd move in.

You have great taste. I completely understand about the oak cabinet reservation (per your comment on my blog!), I'd have to compromise somewhere else. I am with you! I couldn't live with that either.

Go for pine, that would be so much more charming! Natural wood, but beautiful wood! Good compromise. LOL!


KJ said...

Your new site is AWESOME! Congrats!


Jen said...

Oh, well I'll take one of everything! Your store looks wonderful. Like a dream. Just the kind of place I'd love to have one day. I got so excited to see that you are in Ohio since I am in Indiana but I checked and you are so far from me. If I ever get any where near your store, I am so stopping by!

Joy said...

Oh my, I have fallen in love with your store - can't wait until January 2008! Your pictures are fabulous and your items are truly unique! Found you through the divine Miss Fifi. :)

Robolady said...

Just curious, how much are the bangles?