31 October 2007

Diary of a Mad Shopkeeper

Let us count some of the things we've learned from setting up Holiday 2007:

1. There is an element of the miraculous to being able to get this all done in four days. As a matter of fact, we're at the beginning of Day Four right now and I honestly don't know how we'll get this all done. But somehow when that first customer crosses the threshold tomorrow morning, she'll see nothing and know nothing of the battiness that has reigned for the past three days, and is sure to reign today.

2. We won't be surprised ever again if we pull up to our shop at 8 in the morning two days before the premiere of our biggest event of the year...and find a crew of roofers tearing off our roof. No joke. One frantic call to the landlord later, and the roofers are fast-tracked to finish our side of the building by dark last night, and the entire building by early Thursday morning. Please, God, let it be so. Last time I checked, we did not invite Din and Debris to A French-Inspired Noël.

3. Blogging with daily updates during such a massive store turnover is not realistic. There are so many funny and groan-inducing stories I could share, but there's no time, and I will have forgotten most of them by the time the party is over on Saturday night. Kind of like childbirth, I guess. So grueling that you wouldn't go through it a second time except that you dearly love your child and have forgotten the pain and discomfort birthing her brought.
In related news, have you heard that Melissa from The Inspired Room is hosting a satellite party from The Blissful on Friday, November 2nd? Check it out! Midway through our soirée, you'll be able to view photos from the event, read a bit of inside scoop from yours truly, and get Melissa's take on holiday decorating.
And after it's aaaaaallllll over, I'll put up a couple dozen photos, plus a full debriefing of how we did it. Thanks for reading, hope you're enjoying the last day of October, and I'll be in touch. Time to go trim a tree!


Jill Flory said...

Oh Abby, thanks for taking the time to post a few pics and tell us a little about how it is going! I've been thinking about you all week as I madly paint my house! I'm trying to get ready for flooring to go in Saturday and my dining room needed a repaint before the hardwood goes down. It is almost as big an upheaval here as you shop has been! I can't wait to see pics. If you have ornaments I want to see lots of them. I may email you with an order! I'm going to email you soon too about a Sid Dicken block. My hubby was very impressed with the artwork and there is a new one he really liked! That makes it soooo much easier to buy one!
I wish so much I could be there tomorrow morning! I will make it sometime but the timing on this house project kind of snuck up on me. I'm very excited about having it finished so I shall get back to my painting (after I run to the paint store for painting tape!)
God Bless,
Jill Flory

melissa @ the inspired room said...

I am so excited I can hardly wait! I can't believe you posted this week, you are crazy! :-) But that is what makes what you do possible, you have to be slightly crazy to attempt it! It is going to turn out GREAT! I'm praying for that.


Tracie said...


You must be running on non-stop adrenaline!

Your style is so beautiful, it could not turn out to be anything but over the top beautiful--my intuition tells me - tres fantastique! Call me psychic. Ne peut pas attendre pour voir de loin!

Decor4U said...

I look forward for your pictures,nice blog, nice store,nice person.
have fun

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart aches to go to the party. I am so sad! But i loved the part about the roofers. i would have freaked too. have fun. I wish I was there

Cre8Tiva said...

you are doing great...everyone will love what you have done...i so admire you...and have a duet with melissa at the same time...you go girlat The Inspired Room

Simply Me Art said...

Looks so Beautiful, i do wish the Blissful was Near me.. Best of Luck with you Holiday Party..

Vee said...

I am having a great time hopping around checking out a bunch of new and beautiful blogs after stopping in at the first one mentioning the rest.... wheeeee what lovelies.... !!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Bon soir Abby
I have looked for rainbows today, and black cats, four leafed clover and lucky horseshoes but alas have found none.. I need a little magic and LOTS of luck to come visit Blissful and party!!!!!!!
I am a million miles away in distance but would be there in a wink of an eye if I had the chance..
Hope you have a fabulous party..
A bientôt

Garden Girl said...

Hi, Abby,

I enjoyed my visit today and blogged about it here:



AmeliaB said...

Everything looks lovely. I'll pray that everything goes smoothly.

Amelia :-)