19 October 2007

A Sign for Good

We have waited and waited and waited to have an exterior sign we loved that embodied the essence of what awaits customers when they walk through the front door of our shop. Today, that sign was hung! The channel letters (individual letters spelling out The Blissful) were rough-cut from metal and finished with an imperfect, handpainted treatment. They are in just the right shade of platinum that strikes a balance between cool and warm. When the sun hits them at a certain angle, they almost appear mirrored! We wanted the letters to look very "found." See how our tagline sits in a winsome script on the shapely box beneath the channel letters? That piece, too, was handpainted with a finish resembling tarnished metal. At night, the letters appear to glow from behind, while the piece bearing the tagline is lit from within.

We wanted a sign that was chic, European, "found"-looking, and slightly funky. It's amazing what artists can do. Thanks to all those who designed, cut, painted, measured, and installed on our behalf.


Tracie said...

Dear Abby,

The signage is gorgeous. Just from looking at the front, I think I'd love to live there!

Oh, how I wish your shop was walking distance from my house. For now, inquiries over the phone will have to do. It's great to have an impression of what the shop looks like now from the outside too!

Regard merveilleux!

dahlias said...

There you go again Ms. Abby....making your shop an absolute master piece! Are you gearing up and ready for next week...I know you will be prepping MAJOR time...remember to have fun:)

Oh and I got the invite in the mail....yes the envelopes were just as yummy in person as I thought they would be! I sooo wish I could make the journey...my mom almost convinced me we could maybe swing it....but weddings weddings weddings is all I have to say! I'll talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

It is perfect! And you look perfect looking out the door~

I read that Fifi will highlight your gorgeous store~
Well deserved!
And no one better to do it:)

Monique, Canada.

Mrs. B. said...

It is just beautiful! It makes me want to come in a shop shop shop. Perfect for the feel of your shop.

Jill Flory said...

Looking good Abby!
I love the sign! I can't wait to see it in person someday!
Jill Flory

Kari & Kijsa said...

Your new sign is gorgeous...we have been following you since Melissa posted on her blog, but we just had to comment on your letters! LOVE IT!

blessings, kari and kijsa

Paige Thomas King said...

This may be a question more appropriate for your Boutique Industry blog, but the photo of the front of your shop prompts me to ask . . . Are you in a stand alone location or located with other shops and/or restaurants?
I love the signage! I am in a downtown location which restricts what we can do to our buildings and how our signage must look. We are--I hope--preparing for renovations to our building, so there is much to consider!
I admire how much you're acomplishing.

The Blissful said...

Tracie, Jamie, Monique, Mrs. B., Jill, Kari & Kijsa--

Thanks for the compliments on the sign! We are really digging driving up to the shop every morning, unlocking the front door, and walking in under it. [sigh]


Hi, Paige--

The Blissful is located about a mile away from a large shopping area with a mall, independent stores, and many restaurants and bars. We are "on the outskirts", so to speak. :) We are in a stand-alone building that we share with two other businesses. There is another similar stand-alone building next door to us and a plaza behind us. We are on a very busy street that is a major thoroughfare in our community; about 10,000 cars a day past our shop, so we have been told.

There were restrictions as to what type of sign we could have. Landlords usually want to keep some degree of continuity across their properties' storefronts. Fortunately, our design worked within these guidelines and didn't force us to compromise our style.

How exciting that you are on the verge of some renovations. We, too, have some other exterior facelift ideas up our sleeves, but we're saving those 'til Spring. Best wishes to you as you embark upon designing those changes.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

So cool, Abby! I love it! How exciting!

Katie said...

Your new sign is lovely- but the neon open sign takes away from the old world atmosphere you're trying to create. I know its helpful to pull people from the busy street- so perhaps you could rethink your open sign as well. Take care!

Shawn said...

Love the sign. The shop looks gorgeous. Wish I lived nearby. :)

hopetreestudio said...

Love your shop. I love bliss you must see the bliss pendant I made. Please check out my blog. Denise

Joy said...

Wow, your sign is GORGEOUS! You must be so proud!