17 June 2009

Indie Girl Q&A: Angie & Tyson Lamielle

The "one guy" in our Indie Girl Trunk Show artist lineup is Tyson Lamielle, one-half of The Canton Box Company's dynamic designing duo. His other half--more specifically, his wife--is Angie Lamielle. Our Artist Q&A series continues today with them.

Q: What would you like to tell customers about The Canton Box Company? When and why did you start it and how do you see it evolving?
The Canton Box Company offers industrial chic home decor items, trendy paper goods, and fashionable prints. We started the company a few months ago while studying for our Masters degrees at Malone University. Tyson's hobby was woodworking and my [Angie's] hobby was crafting and decorating. We simply combined our hobbies and took what we learned from our Masters program to create our business.

Q: Your company offers a nice range of goods. Within the operation, which one of you does which designs?
A: Tyson usually handles all of projects that could result in bodily harm [laughs], such as furniture items. My designs have a softer touch--paper goods, prints, etc.

Numbers framed print. We love the modern point of view.

What or who inspires you both as artists? Can you give us a peek into your creative processes?
A: Our greatest source of inspiration is Canton and its neighboring cities. Most people refer to these as "Rust Belt" cities, like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. Call them what you will, these cities are rich in character. We get ideas for products simply by taking advantage of what these cities have to offer. We like to visit parks, museums, businesses in old buildings, and we go on tours. We find that these are all great places to take pictures and create ideas for unique and exciting products. We hold regularly scheduled business meetings--real serious stuff like going out to eat, traveling, sightseeing--to find and discuss new ideas for products.

Parisian Themed Gift Tags add that extra ooh-la-la to any gift.

Q: As husband and wife designers, do you have a shared workspace? Do you have great conversations over wine and food about you're working on? {At least, this is my romanticized notion of what working alongside one's spouse would be like.}
A: We do have a shared workspace in the basement of our home, and as long as each of us stays on our side of the line, peace is maintained. Our favorite thing to do is to discuss new products. Our entire weekend is usually devoted to these types of discussions over dinner and drinks.

Q: What's the best part of owning an indie design business?
A: It's always great to know that something we've worked really hard to create is showcased in someone's house or brightening someone's day if they are receiving the item as a gift. We love that we get to work together and that we can each bring our own individual styles together to make some really unique creations.

Super cool Splinter Shelf.

Q: Where can fans find more of your work?
A: They can visit our Etsy shop. We also hope to make more appearances at some local craft and home shows later this Summer. Fans can follow us on our blog and on Twitter for regular updates.

See you at Indie Girl on Saturday, June 27th, from 10 AM - 5 PM!

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