29 June 2009

Visions from Indie Girl

Hope you enjoy these photographic moments from Saturday's über-successful Indie Girl Trunk Show. And I LOVE being able to call this event über-successful because this time, THE BLISSFUL can't take all the credit for it. We were beyond thrilled at the crowd our five indie artists drew--hundreds of our regular customers and many, many new faces thronged the store to get first dibs on the artists' debuts. We were surprised at how overwhelmingly enthusiastic were customers' responses to this event because we've never done anything quite like this before to feature local artists. By popular demand, we'll definitely be adding more of these types of events to our yearly roster!

Artist Angie Lamielle of The Canton Box Company pauses for reflection.

Careful preparations were made.

Our little Trunk Show mascot, artist Kathleen Houston's baby peacock, "Mr. Indie."

Showing off the goods.

Artists provided individual attention to customers.

A plethora of imaginative works.

Such a fan, she signed up for more details.


Zoey B. said...

It was an über-awesome day! THANK YOU for giving this Indie Girl the opportunity to participate! I loved every moment.

The Attic said...

Everything looks great and happy to hear it was a success. Store events are always so exciting. What is the square footage of your store? Love the brick around your check out. :)

Mary Frances said...

Even though I live in Texas, it was a treat for the eyes to see your shop so full of "retail therapy"!

metro home style said...

Your store and the Indie Girl items look beautiful, congratulations on a successful event!

McMaster and Storm said...

oh, the blue aprons hanging from the ceiling is way too cute. how festive!
congrats on your way too cute & fun event!

Jill Elaine said...

Looks like you had fun! I'm still going to get to your shop sometime!

Secret Leaves said...

Looks like you had a great turnout!