14 June 2009

Indie Girl Q&A: Kathleen Houston

Today we feature another of our talented Indie Girl Trunk Show artists, Kathleen Houston.

Q: What would you like to tell customers about your collection of handmade jewelry?
A: The jewelry must be unique, not something you would find at a department store. Today I am working on a piece where I had observed a beautiful red haired woman with green eyes. She was wearing a stunning shiny green V-neck blouse with nothing at the neckline. I wondered what a beautiful scrolled heart would look like with real jade and a vintage chain. It's so fun to see something in your mind and then see it unfold in real life. I will be bringing this piece with me to THE BLISSFUL [for the Indie Girl Trunk Show].

Q: What or who inspires you as an artist?
A: We live on a piece of land where I get in my golf cart and cruise around to see the awesome animals. We have an India blue peacock that displays, and when the sun hits him just right he looks purple. He inspires me--all of the design possibilities. I actually made a piece that sold at my spring show named after him. [Kathleen hosts trunk shows at her own home where she showcases her works to family and friends.]

Q: Give us a peek into your creative process.
A: I am so grateful for the creative process. It connects me with God, people, family, and friends. My daughters say, "Mom, I would wear this!" It encourages me when the pain is severe and it's hard to think straight. [Kathleen suffers from the chronic pain condition RSD.]

Q: What do you derive, personally, from making your jewelry {emotionally, etc.}? What do you hope your works give to others who behold and wear them?
A: When I create something from a pile of unassembled items, I sometimes am so happy I cry. I hope that the women who wears my pieces feel unique and special. In God's sight we are all different and very special and I would like to inspire confidence in those who wear my creations. One lady bought a piece and immediately wore it to a birthday party. [Others at the party] were asking how she found it, so it was a great conversation starter.

Q: Where can fans find more of your work?
A: In September, I have been asked to be the jewelry artist for the North Canton Art Museum's The Little Art Galley [in North Canton, Ohio]. I will give more details later. The pieces in this show will be substantial and vintage. Fall is a good time to wear the heavier pieces. The Indie Girl Trunk Show will have totally separate things from the Fall art show.

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Karen said...

You hope, you inspire, you dream and your jewelry shows that inner connection. When I wear the necklace "with the key", it shows me the change God wants to make in me and opens my mind