05 June 2009

Meet Our Indie Girls

We're thrilled to introduce the featured artists for our Indie Girl Trunk Show, slated for Saturday, June 27th from 10 AM-5 PM at the THE BLISSFUL.

love, Zoey Designs {Zoey Bond}
Many customers already know Zoey Bond as one of THE BLISSFUL's cheerful Shopgirls, which until recently, she was. An out of town career opportunity for her husband caused the pair to relocate. Lucky for her {and for us}, the timing was just right for Zoey to launch her new line, fittingly named love, Zoey. For as long as she can remember, Zoey has been creating and designing. love, Zoey Designs is simply the natural progression and evolution of her as an artist. A fresh and original line of jewelry where no two pieces are ever alike, the current love, Zoey collection is inspired by Summer's sweetest fruits and freshest veggies. This season's story combines the luxe, weighty details of mixed metals with the colorful tartness of gems and jewels. A few vintage pieces are sprinkled here and there to add a sense of history within these timeless, wearable works of art. Follow the evolution at lovezoey.blogspot.com.

Wild Strawberry Earrings. Already SOLD to, um, me.

Key Lime Necklace

Lemon & Link Earrings

Strand by Kelly McGreal {Kelly McGreal}
Artful, playful, and wearable, Strand is inspired by every woman in film, photography, and literature that designer Kelly McGreal has ever wanted to be. Imparting a traveled bohemian look through mix-made pieces of vintage and modern components, each thoughtful rendering combines glass and metal construction with an occasional fiber. Her debut jewelry collection, the poetically-influenced These Flowers, This Moon was carried at THE BLISSFUL in 2006-2007. When she's not designing jewelry, Kelly McGreal is a college English professor.

Bracelet with juxtaposition of colors and materials

Honeycomb Earrings for the halcyon days of Summer

Each piece evokes a mood and a personality.


The Canton Box Company {Angie & Tyson Lamielle}
The wife and husband team of Angie and Tyson Lamielle {Ty being the "one guy" in our Indie Girl lineup} are co-proprietors of the online store The Canton Box Company, which offers home décor handmade from a variety of mediums. Tyson specializes in woodworking to create furniture and home accessories such as shelving, candle holders, mirrors, and more. He always uses reclaimed lumber or lumber that has been harvested from fallen trees. Angie handles the softer side of The Canton Box Company's repertoire, crafting an assortment of creatively designed paper goods, original art, and reproduction art as well as a variety of other home accessories. Learn more about Angie & Ty and their work at cantonboxcompany.blogspot.com.

Check out Canton Box Company's blog for a history of this favorite {and timely} image.

These tealight holders strike me as a great Father's Day gift.

A great piece for displaying your personal collection.


Jewelry by Kathleen {Kathleen Houston}
For jewelry designer Kathleen Houston, every piece she creates is a dream come true and in the process of creation she feels fulfilled and connected. She came to her craft in a most unexpected way. About one year ago, she was diagnosed with a painful disorder called RSD. Her nerves are constantly firing pain signals. There is no cause for it, and as of today there is no cure. Because walking is so painful, Kathleen spends much time at home. From a desire to create beauty out of her pain, her jewelry line came forth. Her handcrafted works employ vintage stones and wirework, and each one of a kind piece is connected to a story. "I think of the woman who will wear the piece," Kathleen says, "and I pray for her as I build it. If you can walk, dance, or run without pain, never cease to be thankful."

J'adore these embellished metal cuffs.

A myriad of designs.

Melissa Jackson {Mixed Media Artist}
A self-taught artist, Melissa Jackson's parents once owned an antique shop, so her childhood trips to scout finds with them at flea markets and antique haunts bred in her a self-professed love of "junk." The inspiration behind her eclectic mix of jewelry, vintage re-adorned handbags, and one of a kind works of art is "a continual effort to conserve and recycle." Jackson describes herself as a Mixed Media Artist because most every piece in her always-changing collection contains at least one found object or flea market/thrift store find. Her works espouse that something does not have to be new to be fabulous, and that anyone can surround herself in beauty through the repurposing of uncommon objects.

Vintage re-adorned handbags {this one an old lunchbox} are customer favorites for Melissa Jackson.

Another one of Melissa's repurposed incarnations, Bibliothèque Bangles, carried at THE BLISSFUL.

A look reminiscent of the past.

Over the next few weeks leading up to Indie Girl, we'll be featuring each artist in Q&A-style interviews here on the blog. Check back often for personal convos with each one!



Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

You OF COURSE had to plan this for a day I am in Michigan shooting a wedding :-( Boo! LOL

Probably better for my wallet anyway. I will try to get in before that to see what else you have new! And what a GREAT idea to feature the artists on your blog beforehand Abby!! I love the images you've already taken to highlight their work.

Will that "keep calm & carry on" poster be available at THE BLISSFUL? I've loved it since college but still have never bought myself one...I think it's about time!

à la mode designs said...

So looking forward to beholding these inspired works of art in person at the Trunk Show!


Hi, Kirsten--

So bummed you won't be able to make it in for the Trunk Show! But I know you've got a lucky bride and groom to make happy that day. :)

All of the artists submitted their own photography of their work for this blog post. They're good, aren't they?

As far as the Keep Calm & Carry On framed prints, you can purchase in advance of the show at The Canton Box Company's Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6779655

Can't wait to see you...hopefully soon!


henzy said...

great work, love your jewlery.